SMDC Gem Residences - AMENITIES

SMDC’s Gem Residences is truly a haven for people on the go. This property has features and amenities that are carefully-thought of and designed to provide a dynamic, balanced lifestyle. Facilities that promote a great sense of well-being to ease daily stresses of life, especially for the working professionals.

What will welcome you is a grand lobby of the building – a cozy, luxurious ambiance. There is also a reception area to welcome visitors and friends around when they come to see you. There are 24x7 CCTV cameras in most common areas for your security.

Among their features include: a lap pool, a kiddie pool and a pool deck. Families can easily bond together in swimming sessions, forgetting their work and school for a while. These pools are modern and have water features so expect this facility to be a favorite of many. Shower stalls and changing rooms are also within the area so it is very convenient for you. Children have their own children’s play area where they can run around freely and play to their hearts’ content. Or you may opt to practice or do your yoga sessions by yourself or in groups in a yoga deck.

For the health buffs, a modern gym is complete with high-tech equipment. You can do your own routines or have gym sessions with love ones. Run, walk, stretch, crunch, step, flex, twist and hop all you might to soothe those tired bodies. You can drop by the gym anytime of the day to have your dose of work-outs and exercises. Both outdoor and indoor gyms are available for the residents.

There are working spaces as much as there’s a lounge for everyone. If you have celebrations, meetings or reunions – you can book one of the function rooms. Celebrate in style right in your own home. Have a birthday, a graduation party, a despedida, a wedding shower, a baptismal party or a moving-up party with less costs plus this is more accessible. You need not go out of your way and brave the traffic. When you just want to relax, feel free to walk around the paved walkways as well as landscaped walkways and enjoy the surroundings around you. Feel the air and smell the flowers. With greens all around, it surely must be refreshing and invigorating.

Other facilities that’s surely will be helpful are: back-up power system, fire alarm and sprinkler system, centralized mailroom system and a centralized garbage collection and disposal system.

How do you like to play billiards and table tennis in your downtime? Gem Residences provides these two facilities for you to enjoy. Bond with your siblings or parents and have fun games. Surely weekends will really be exciting.

Go grab some snacks at the snack bar and just bond over food with your families. Once you’re full, go to the sunken seat and perhaps, sit on the bench and watch the sunset at the end of the day. You may also opt to do some ‘me’ time – go to the meditation nook and pour your hearts out.

  • Grand Lobby
  • Children's Play Area
  • Pool Deck
  • Landscaped Area
  • Swimming Pools
  • Function Rooms
  • Gym
  • Yoga Deck
  • Paved Walkway
  • Lounge
  • Working Spaces
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